Astarti in Hilton Zurich-Switzerland


On 15 March 2013, at the Hilton Zurich was a great night Рpresenting Greek products. The event was organized by the company Olivenöle & Delikatessen (Brun & Kanellopoulou) GmbH in collaboration with  Gianni Tassioglou (Hilton Zurich). The event was attended by people of the food sector, where they had the opportunity to taste the Greek cuisine through specially designed 4-course menu. Also, guests had the opportunity to test and calibrate 5 Greek olive oils from various regions of Greece in the olive oil bar set for this purpose. Astarti presented its profile and products, via live presence and the menu of the evening. We would like to thank all the contributors both for their excellent cooperation and for the opportunity that was given to us to show to the Swiss, our work.