Astarti’s Barley Rusks (dry bread) presented in “OLIVE” – Greek food magazine

The 100% barley rusk Astarti is presented in the section “Distinctive and Favoured” of the September 2013 edition of “OLIVE” the magazine of well known chef Elias Mamalakis.

The article states …….”Even though we love the light crunchy Kytherian rusk which is kneaded with olive oil, Astarti has come out on the left by kneading this particular rusk with organic barley flour ground in stone mills and the taste is highlighted with the sea salt gathered from rocks of Kythera. Delicious, a trifle hard, it manages to retains its wholesome
character even in a tomato salad without becoming “soggy” from the juices but in fact its earthy flavours are enhanced……”