Astarti’s Barley Rusks (dry bread) presented in Greek e-magazine “LIFO”, through an article titled “9 different Dry bread brands and how you can use them” by Greek chef Mrs.Helen Psihoulis

In the Greek e-magazine LIFO, Chef Ms Helen Psychoulis presents “9 Rusks brands and everything you can do with them”. Within these 9 different brands of rusks, Astarti is presented with its 100% barley rusks (dry bread-paximadi).

Ms. Helen Psychoulis, in her relevant article presents 10 different ways of preparing various meals from dry bread-rusks, in which you can experiment. Of these, we recommend for your breakfast to use Astarti’s dry bread [ …. In a bowl of warm milk, honey and raisins, a healthier replacement for heavier manufactured cereals]. Source:

For Astarti’s dry bread-rusk, the article states [ ASTARTI . When Kythera “puts the glasses” in Crete and make an amazing organic rusk , with nice texture , so good that you could eat it plain, slightly damp, just to savor the taste of good barley]. Source:

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