Are you “crazy” with photografy and Kythera? Follow Tzeli’s Hadjidimitriou photography workshops.

Tzeli Hadjidimitriou is a renowned Greek photographer.  Each year, she organizes special photography workshops in the Greek islands. Kythera is one of these islands.  Follow Tzeli’s past workshops in Kythera

International Olive Council

The official web site of The International Olive Council, contains the group’s aims, activities, international agreements for olive oil and table olive statistics, publications as well as current and future events

The new web site from the E.U. for organic farming

The new official web site from the E.U. for organic farming, information, statistics etc

Judy Ridgway

The web site of Judy Ridgway, special olive oil and food consultant. Author and editor of the guide “Judy Ridgway’s Best Olive Oil Buys around the World&#

Marco Oreggia

The web site of Marco Oreggia, internationally renowned consultant and specialist on olive oil. Publisher of the famous Italian Guide “L’Extravergine – A Guide to the Best Certified quality olive oil in the World&#

Marco Orregia and “L’extravirgine”

Marco Orregia, editor of  “L’extravergine” an International Guide for the Best Certified Olive Oils of the World

Tasting olive oil by Mike North

The correct way of tasting olive oil, presented by olive oil tasting expert Mike North

The official web site of the Municipality of Kythera!

General information for Kythera! Who to get there, where to stay, what to see, where to eat etc&#

Touristic, business and cultural guide of Kythera

Travel Agency – organize your trip to Kythera!

Do you come from Kythera? Find your family tree!

If you come from Kythera, you may find your family tree through the pages of Kythera family net