Astarti Organic olive oil Rusks

The traditional Kytherian olive oil rusk (paximadi) is now available in this 100% organic version from Astarti Co.

We have selected the best Greek organic wheat flours from individual producers, our organic olive oil and Kytherian sea salt from our own production, to create this special Kytherian olive oil rusk, once more a reminiscent of some of the old lost & found tastes…

Astarti’s organic olive oil rusk carries the following nutrition and health claims:

  • Low sugar content
  • High unsaturated fat content.
  • High calcium content. Calcium is required to maintain the normal state of bones and teeth.

Important: We do emphasize the importance of a varied and balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. In order to have the beneficial effects of this rusk you should consume 20 pcs daily.

Tips of use: We recommend trying it as it is or combining it with savory and sweet flavors with your daily snack eg. Avocado on Astarti’s olive oil rusks, a pinch of sea salt and peper.

Available in one type: Normal shape small size rusks (about 20 g / pcs), in 400 g plastic (PP) packaging.