Astarti Organic soaps

Organic olive oil forms the basis of our Astarti olive oil hand made soap bars.

Blending the essential goodness of the olive oil with selected organic natural ingredients, extracts and essential oils, we produce four different kinds of soap bars of 80gr:

Natural Fragrance – for face and body

Peppermint and Aloe Vera – for face and body which gives a sensation of freshness

Vanilla and Beeswax Soap – for face and body which leaves the skin with a silky sensation

Lavender, Spirulina, Green Clay and Luffa – an anti-cellulite* scrub and peeling soap for the body

Astarti organic soap is produced without animal testing and is certified by ICEA (Italian Certification & Inspection Organization of Organic Products) in accordance with the regulations for organic cosmetics.

Available in great trilingual (Greek, French, English) 48 pieces cardboard showcase.

*according to international bibliography green clay is said to be an anti-cellulite